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30 June 2008 @ 12:26 am
Due to my starting full-time employment (my career), I won't have time to do translations or review dramas for the time being until I've fully settled into the swing of things.
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03 May 2008 @ 03:50 pm
Definite hiatus on my productive work for BL until the end of May at the very least. Real busy with RL, no time...busy, busy, busy.
14 April 2008 @ 07:39 pm
Seiyuu: Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji
Author: Katoh Elena
Release: SnH I (2007/07) | SnH II (2007/12)

I can't give full details for it yet 'coz I haven't finished listening. But, I can say one thing:
Whenever I hear this drama... it breaks my heart a hundred times over.

Excerpt: track 3 end

Don't go...
He's left (me)...
And my dream of going to New York has also disappeared.

Yes. There is nothing left for me but to return to my life from before.
"I loved him. But...I never wanted him to see, that part...my most unsightly self."
"I want to return. To the lake, my home in my childhood."
This rotten body...into that amazingly blue cold lake...
With this...all will be fine...
With this...
Italics character’s thoughts
{Text in these brackets: translated by rhapsodyatdusk– much appreciation for the help}

DISC 1: Track 3

Yomura's caught a cold. Hasebe enters the emloyee lounge and finds Yomura still there. Hasebe asks what's wrong and says that almost everyone's pretty much gone home already. He confessed that he'd looked at Yomura's time card without permission. Yomura hadn't timed out and Hasebe thought it was strange Yomura couldn’t be found anywhere.

Hasaebe: “These past days you’ve been coughing pretty awful...”
Yomura: He was worried and was looking for me?
Hasebe: “Can you stand? The manager and the others will be leaving soon as well. If we don’t go now it’ll get a bit troublesome.”
Yomura: “Uhh..ah..” Huh? I feel..dizzy..
Hasebe: “Yomura-san!”

* * *

Hasebe took Yomura to the hospital and is waiting together with him. Hasebe starts to get impatient wondering what’s taking the hospital personnel so long. He was about to get up and call someone when Yomura said that it’s alright and that there must be a more seriously ill patient that they have to attend to first. He also says that he’s feeling a little bit better now than back at the store.

Hasebe: Yomura-san…he seems so hard-working. I’m sure he’s been working non-stop. On Christmas as well, he was outside the whole time giving out flyers.
Yomura: “That’s not true. I don’t work as hard as you do.”
Hasebe: “Huh?”
Yomura: “Ah, nothing.” Damn, I answered without thinking. If I don’t look at his lips properly…
Hasebe: “Is there someone that should be contacted? Like your family or someone…”
Yomura: “We don’t live together…and it’s just a cold so they don’t need to be contacted.”
Yomura: My mother and I don’t really see each other. This relationship that we have was all because of the divorce with my father when I was in elementary school.
{I was supposed to have been taken in at my mother's request, but one day, I overheard her saying, "I couldn't say that I didn't want him because I'm his mother."
Since then, I came to doubt my mother's true motives, even when she smiled at me.
During this time, I hoped for anything, as though I were praying.
Thinking, if only I could understand people's hearts.}

Yomura: “Hasebe-kun, I’m sorry that you ended up having to accompany me for something like this.”
Hasebe: “It’s because I received medicine from you. At that time I was really glad. Because Yomura-san noticed. After all, it’s really nice to have someone care about you.”
Yomura: “I’m also glad that you’re here with me right now. It’s very reassuring.”
Hasebe: “It’s repayment for your kindness. I’m glad that I could be of some help.”
Yomura: “Thank you…but, I’m sorry that you’re having to accompany me until such a late hour. Ah, just remembered… Do you like to drink? I’ve got quite a few I haven’t opened at home. Would you mind me giving you some?”
Hasebe: “I do like to drink but… I won’t drink if it’s just by myself. That is if you wouldn't mind, won't you go out and drink together with me next time?” I wonder if that sounded weird. Maybe he's getting tired of me. Hurry, I want him to answer. I want to know his answer. But, if he's going to say no then I’d rather not hear it. His answer?
Yomura: Even in his words and his voice I could sense Hasebe’s anxiousness. It was just an invitation to go out drinking. But it’s an invitation that I should refuse. The more I understand Hasebe’s seriousness, the more I should do so. However…
Yomura: “Alright.”
Hasebe: Ahh! I’m so happy!
Nurse: “Yomura-san? Yomura Kazuaki-san?”
Yomura: “Yes!”
Hasebe's fingertips brushed against me as I stood up from the chair.
It was strong(-boned) and firm to the touch. His face that looked toward me was flushed red.
The fingertips that brushed against me, felt warm.

DISC 1: Track 3 END
06 April 2008 @ 02:32 am

Seiyuu: Ono Daisuke x Kamiya Hiroshi
Author: Sunahara Touko
Release: 2008
Genre: kinda like Slice of Life
Rating: 9.6/10
Karami lvl: 4/5 Kamiyan: thy moans *nosebleed* damn but you're so cute

A beautiful story of a man (Yomura) who is able to hear what's inside people's hearts. Originally he didn't have the ability but 3 years ago, an incident with his ex-fiancee caused him to be able to hear what people are really thinking. He's lost trust in people and closed himself off until one day, he *hears* the besotted voice of a younger co-worker (Hasebe). The young man, with a low sullen voice repeatedly calls out his name. Hard working but quiet and seen by other as unsociable, Yomura is intrigued as to why Hasebe likes him.

It's a story of lost trust and a pure love that teaches how to believe in others again.
05 April 2008 @ 06:42 pm

Original work: Sunahara Touko
Illust: Miike Romuco

Yomura Kazuaki : Kamiya Hiroshi
Hasebe Shuichi : Ono Daisuke

Sorry for this crappy summary/translation. My Japanese skills are quite poor to make a decent and complete translation of this wonderful story. I’m terrible with writing summaries as well (detail-freak that I am) ^^; so the flow will be abrupt in some parts ‘coz I just couldn't help making translations of some of their lines and getting a bit too detailed with a few things…
Anyway, hopefully it’ll be somewhat helpful.

Italics - character’s vocal thoughts

DISC 1 - Track 1Collapse )

DISK 1 - Track 2Collapse )
25 March 2008 @ 11:24 pm
Keiyaku Furikou cd
Author: Yoshizuki Shouko
Seiyuu: Kuroda Takaya x Toochika Kouichi



Track 4: Nagusame no Kiss (A kiss to console)Collapse )

...Track 4 translation unfinished
25 March 2008 @ 09:30 pm
Keiyaku Furikou cd
Author: Yoshizuki Shouko
Seiyuu: Kuroda Takaya x Toochika Kouichi


Track 5: Omigakenai Kokuhaku (An Unforeseen Confession)TRANSLATIONCollapse )
25 March 2008 @ 12:44 am
Keiyaku Furikou cd

Seiyuu: Kuroda Takaya x Toochika Kouichi
Author: Yoshizuki Shouko
Release: 2004
Genre: Slice of life
Rating: 9.2/10
Karami lvl: 3.6/5 seme Kuroda-san...shh...shh..

One of the most beautiful and realistic bl dramas that I've ever heard. Story-wise and seiyuu performance-wise.
In Japanese I'd would say:
「人の心を動かす物語」 - A emotionally poignant story. Heartbreakingly-moving.

(unfinished summary)

A subordinate and his section chief. There isn't anything too special about their relationship other than that Tsuchiya is the only person in the company who can get along with their strict/workaholic boss Misaki. Tsuchiya respects Misaki and is friendly with him while Misaki treats Tsuchiya with more attention and care than he does with other people. It is a relationship of respect and trust. However, unbeknownst to them...both were unconsciously growing feelings of expectation of each other.

Some years pass. During this time both marry, however after some time Tsuchiya gets divorced while Misaki remains married. A year passes after Tsuchiya's divorce and Misaki's wife falls ill. From then on, their relationship from before begins to fall to into chaos.
On the night of his wife's funeral, Misaki breaks down in front of Tsuchiya. Witnessing his vulnerable state, Tsuchiya falls for Misaki and does something that goes beyond their current relationship. However, Misaki doesn't remember.
A one-sided love at this point.
Misaki remains unkowning of that night and months later Tsuchiya reaches his limit...and confesses.

... I'll leave it at that. I'll be transcribing and translating some parts of the drama that I thought were really striking.

24 March 2008 @ 04:06 pm
Listening to BL dramas since late 2004, I’ve gone through numerous seiyuus and dramas - from light, comic, highschool genres to dark, angsty, yakuza stories. Found that some seiyuu are suited to certain characters, with some best at karami scenes, angst and those whose performance or those who simply have a certain something to their voices that are emotionally stimulating.

Having a preference for serious, angsty adult stories I have to say that…
Konishi Katsuyuki x Nojima Kenji
…shine when it comes to these genre.

Beginning with Nejireta Edge (their first BL work together as the main pair) …the two delivered an outstanding performance, injecting just the right emotion and feel to their characters. As a bonus, their karami scenes are wonderfully done.
(cf. Narita Ken - you are not supposed to be louder and *bleeper* than your uke.)

So, if one is looking for something that’ll get the waterworks going, dramas with these two as the main will definitely have you making sure that the kleenex box is within reach.

Other Konitan x NojiKen works:
Te wo nobaseba haruka na umi
Yogoto Mitsu wa Shitatarite
Synapse Hitsugi I *
Synapse Hitsugi II *